Beta Theta Pi - Alpha Zeta, University of Denver


"It shall be constituted as hereinafter provided and shall have for its objects the promotion of the moral and social culture of its members, the establishment of confidence and friendly relations among the universities and colleges of the United States and Canada, in securing unity of action and sympathy in matters of common interest among them, and the building up of a fraternity that recognizes mutual assistance in the honorable labors and aspirations of life, devotion to the cultivation of the intellect, unsullied friendship, and unfaltering fidelity, as objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort."
-The Code of Beta Theta Pi, Article I, Section II

Above all else, our Fraternity is a values-based organization. As the first Fraternity to publish its Constitution (1879), we make no secret of what we stand for and strive to be every day. To build lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood, Beta Theta Pi calls for:

Mutual Assistance

Brothers help other brothers in honorable pursuits, knowing that the favor will be returned. Brothers share the same core values and are obligated by their brotherhood to hold one another accountable for any inconsistencies between actions and values.

Intellectual Growth

Betas define intellectual growth as a commitment to performing well academically and expanding their knowledge of the wider world. This means gaining perspective from others, recruiting with high academic standards, prioritizing involvement in a myriad of clubs and organizations on campus, and holding the chapter and its members to these high standards.


Betas are forthright with one another, regardless of the situation or consequences, for they understand the meaning of genuine friendship and loyalty. Brothers of Beta Theta Pi understand that trust is a two-way street, and the kinship among all Betas results in an enduring and genuine feeling that makes this fraternity quite unlike any other.

Responsible Conduct

Betas uphold the values of the fraternity every second of every day. Each brother learns how to have fun in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner while establishing and maintaining his reputation as a gentleman who is courteous to other brothers, new members, and all people he encounters in life.


Betas hold themselves to the principles of Beta Theta Pi in the company of others, but more importantly, they also do so when no one else is watching. Betas must often make hard decisions, especially when challenging social standards for the sake of doing what is right. A Beta shows integrity through his words and actions - this means that he does what he says he will do.


As Betas, we live these values every day and hold our brothers to their commitment to doing the same.