Beta Theta Pi - Alpha Zeta, University of Denver



The Alpha Zeta Colony of Beta Theta Pi is a values-based organization dedicated to building men of principle for a principled life. Our chapter’s motto, “We Seek the Height,” is reflected in everything that we do here at DU. Betas are deeply involved in campus activities, and share a passion for living life and enjoying the undergraduate experience as a whole. Our fraternity’s strength takes root in our shared values, not shared interests. As a result of this, we are a very diverse group of men from all kinds of backgrounds coming together to make something none of us could by ourselves.


So, why Beta?

Beta Theta Pi was the first fraternity founded at DU. This happened 124 years ago, in 1889. The influence of Beta on this campus is enormous - over 1700 people have worn our letters proudly at DU throughout the years, and our history is deeply intertwined with the University's. In fact, many streets near DU (Iliff, Warren, and Wesley, for example) are named after Betas and their families. In 2008, Beta went on a brief hiatus, and only just returned in the Spring of 2011. With the refounding of the chapter, we have already began to create a distinguished brotherhood worthy of its storied past.

We are able to tap into the rich history of Beta at DU while still each leaving our own unique mark on the organization - a chance that few collegiate men ever receive. In these early years of Beta Theta Pi's comeback at DU, becoming a brother gives you an opportunity to be involved with the Fraternity in a deeper, much more meaningful way by creating new traditions, re-establishing Beta's reputation, and even participating in the design and construction of a brand-new chapter house.



Beta is a little bit of everything. Genuine friendship, fun, learning (inside and outside the classroom), socials, and career opportunities are only the beginning of an experience that can't be had at any other time in life. Thus far, Beta's comeback has been HUGE. We currently have 58 brothers between the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. Having officially been on campus for only two years, Beta has already achieved a lot - we've been proud to participate in Greek Week, to take home many Greek Awards, to contribute over $10,000 to our various philanthropic causes, to contribute over 100 man-hours yearly to local service efforts, and to assist the other Greek organizations on campus with their philanthropies. Beta currently has the highest GPA among DU fraternities (3.52), and the second highest of all Beta chapters in North America.

Being successful doesn't mean that we don't have fun. Beta is very well-represented in the social scene - participating in all aspects of DU campus life and doing our best to support other organizations on campus. Through social, intellectual, and business connections with our fellow Betas, each one of us has been exposed to new ideas, new hobbies, new opportunities, and new ways of looking at life that we otherwise wouldn't have encountered. The Beta experience changes a man for the better - for life.


We are seeking new members who are also seeking us - people who want to bring their own diverse talents, experiences, and ideas to the group. In return, we will give you all we have to offer. Betas help each other out, and the end result is a better fraternity and collegiate experience for everyone involved. Joining a fraternity like Beta doesn't mean sacrificing your own identity - we embrace it because it makes us stronger as a whole. A man of Beta caliber is intelligent, humble, respected, responsible, and trustworthy. A man of Beta caliber stands up for what he believes in, and conducts himself as befits a Man of Principle.

Make your college years count - GO BETA.

If you have further questions concerning recruitment, please contact:

Matt Jarvis, VP of Recruitment